The Embassy of Viet Nam in Austria (the Embassy) would like to inform as follows:

Due to manpower shortage and increasing workload, from June 1st 2022, the Embassy applies an appointment booking system for several types of consular services in order to save time and ensure service quality. Deatails as follows:

- Appointment booking is required for the following consular services:

  • Passport;

  • Visa Exemption Certificate;

  • Tourist Visa;

  • Receiving results (for consular dossiers without returning-result-appointment slips).

- One appointment is applicable for one consular dossier only.

- Please bring your appointment slip (sent by the system via email) to the Embassy on the accurate date and time to submit your application.

- Link to schedule an appointment:

*Please note: In case you have not booked an appointment, the Embassy can only consider receiving your application on the basis of the availability of staff and appointment slots. Therefore, for your own convenience, please book an appointment online before coming to the Embassy.

Thank you./.

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