On August 31, 2020, Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thanh Long-Acting Minister of Health signed Official Circular No. 4674 / BYT-MT providing new guidelines on COVID-19 prevention and control regulations for foreign nationals on short-term visits (less than 14 days) to Viet Nam.


Under the new guidelines, travelers on short-term visits who are subjected to regulations as specified in the Official Circular include the following categories: investors; specialists; skilled workers; business managers; travelers on diplomatic and official missions; others as mutually agreed upon under bilateral agreements; and family members of these visitors.


The afore-mentioned visitors (hereby referred to as “visitors”) do not necessarily need to quarantine for 14 days but are required to fully comply with regulations on Covid-19 prevention and control to ensure public safety and minimize risks of community transmission.


Those who have direct contact with the visitors during their duration of stay in Viet Nam are required to monitor their own health and report to local authorities and healthcare facilities if they have symptoms of fever, coughing, sore throat, or difficult breathing.


Accommodation arrangements for the visitors should be in accordance with regulations as stipulated by the Ministry of Health to prevent any risks of community transmission.


Visitors should have international health insurance; otherwise, the sponsoring organization is required to cover all costs for hospitalization and treatment should the visitors get Covid-19 infection. Visitors are expected to arrive in Viet Nam at least 01 day prior to their proposed work schedule to allow for sufficient medical surveillance arrangements. Visitors are required to fill out the online medical declaration form upon entry and use the electronic Blue-zone application throughout their stay in Viet Nam (VIP guests of Deputy Minister- level or above are exempt from this requirement). All expenses relating to quarantine (if any), transportation, and COVID-19 tests for visitors are covered by the sponsoring organization in Viet Nam. These costs will be covered on a complimentary basis for visitors on diplomatic or official missions.


Upon completion of the 14-day duration, visitors may request and are given approval to extend their stay if they have a negative SARS-CoV-2 test result. During the extended duration of stay, visitors need to self-monitor their health and should report to the sponsoring organization and local authorities for further actions if they have any symptoms of fever, coughing, sore throat, or difficult breathing.


The Ministry of Health recommends all visitors to strictly adhere to measures to prevent risks of Covid-19 infection, including, but not limited to, hand-washing with soap and clean water or an antiseptic hand sanitizer (particularly prior to meetings and contact with partners and before and after meals); refrain from shaking hands with others, sharing personal amenities, and departing from the previously-registered place of residence in Viet Nam. It is also recommended that visitors follow their scheduled itinerary in Viet Nam.


Concurrently, individuals who have had close contact with the visitors during their stay in Viet Nam need to provide relevant information to local health authorities to initiate and coordinate appropriate disease prevention and control measures. Following final contact with the visitor(s), these individuals may resume normal routines but need to self-monitor their health and limit contact with others within 14 days from the last contact. final. If symptoms of fever, coughing, sore throat, or difficult breathing occur, the individual should self-quarantine and notify local health authorities for immediate health check and treatment./.

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